I am Elizabeth


Helloo!! I am Elizabeth Mary Mathew, yet another indian engineer in the making. A dynamic tech enthusiast filled with a keen interest to learn, grow and develop. I love to work for inclusion of women in today's tech spaces.I am an aspiring web developer and I enjoy making beautiful user interfaces and graphic content for websites. My interests and hobbies include reading fiction, writing blogs, developing beautiful UIs, water colour painting, watching crime thrillers, sitcoms and anything disney!I have a good foundation in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Flutter. I also know various programming languages like C, C++, python, dart and basics of hardware programming languages like Arduino. Some of my traits include being a hardworker, a good team worker, perfectionist etc. If you want any creative fill-up for your webpage, just count me in!

Check my github profile, to see more of my works.

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A simple bi-way chat app made using HTML, CSS & Javascript.This was one of my first projects ever made during my first hackathon at WIE-Kochi.

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30 Days Of Code

Provided content and basic front-end needs for this website which was intended to be a platform for developers along with their mentors to contribute to open source.

Click here to visit the official 30DOC site!

GirlScript, Kochi

One of the contributers for developing the frontend for the website of GirScript, which is a non-profit organization and one of indias leading tech community

Eh, Site under construction!


Lead Frond end developer for this site created with friends for fun and for learning front end basics, intended to be a site for resolving female unemployment issues

The Official site for Blablablaa.com


Right now, deciding a timeline for my life is not anything I intend to do. I have varied interests and I am constantly trying to explore and find my niche. As of now, I would like to explore AI, ML, deep neural networks and related technologies and contribute to the same. Anyways, something I have always wanted to do is contribute to society specially to the area of healthcare, indian economy, substantial poverty crisis, privacy & security etc. Who knows what awaits us in the future!!



Model Engineering College, Kochi


Entire schooling

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kochi